Nepal launches a new way to attract tourists: nude bungee jumping


Following a tragic earthquake in 2015, tourist arrivals in Nepal have fallen significantly, down almost 46% YoY. Tourism is Nepal’s major industry – according to the latest consensus data, tourism is expected to represent almost 35% of Nepal’s GDP this year, far above the 24% contribution from the country’s agricultural sector. Against this backdrop, to avoid a recession, one business owner in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu has come up with a brilliant plan to encourage tourists to return to the country. The plan involves a somewhat unusual twist on conventional bungee jumping.

According to posts across social media, the Kathmandu Bungee Collective is now offering the world’s first ‘nude bungee jump package’, which permits tourists to strip down to their birthday suits and bungee just as nature intended. This controversial promotion has been well received by many foreign tourists, with bookings for September 2016 already up 20% vs. August, and many of the tourists singled out the nude bungee experience as the primary reason for their travel to the nation.

So far only one nude bungee jump has been completed, and it’s believed the first jumper was a Singaporean woman named Melissa Ong…

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