Everything you need to know about getting a job as a JAV actor

Getting a job as a male actor in Japan’s adult movie industry is hard, in more ways than one. However, it’s not impossible, as we discovered during an exclusive interview with a leading JAV studio. We spoke to Yuko Hayashida, a recruiter at Tokyo Dreams – an up and coming studio holding auditions in Singapore next month – to get his tips on how to land a male acting role.

Thanks for your time, Mr Hayashida. It’s a topic that many of our readers are interested, and we hope you’ll be able to explain to them: how can they get a job as a male actor in the JAV industry?

It’s a question that I do get asked quite a lot, and most of the time people are not very serious about it. They think acting in JAV movies is funny and a joke, but it’s actually quite a serious job and a very profitable business. Each year my studio makes hundreds of titles, and the industry as a whole produces thousands of films. So it’s actually quite an important position and one that people should take seriously if they want to apply.

There are three key things that we look for in recruiting male actors. Firstly, our preference is always going to be Japanese males. The problem is though, it’s such an unpopular profession in Japan that there are now less than 70 Japanese men left in the industry, but we have hundreds of new female stars that want to start working each week.

We estimate there are over 10,000 female AV actresses in Japan, and that number is always growing. So, even though most studios will only consider hiring Japanese men to act in JAV movies, some studios are starting to look at men from other countries.

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