April 12: New info released for next month’s Singapore JAV auditions

As we reported yesterday, Tokyo Dreams has now announced additional detail about next month’s JAV auditions to be held in Singapore to recruit male actors to star in Japanese AV titles. Unfortunately, rather than make things simple and just tell us the time and location of the auditions, they’ve decided to turn it into a challenge to make sure only applicants with a suitable level of creativity¬†and initiative are successful.

Tokyo Dreams has released a series of clues that need to be pieced together, and solving all the clues correctly will reveal the date, time, location and other important information for applicants. If you’re unable to solve these clues, they will release more simple clues tomorrow, but anyone who manages to solve today’s set of clues will have an advantage going into the auditions. We can’t give too much away, but it’s a big advantage that you’ll definitely want (it might involve being able to skip the cucumber part of the audition). So! If you’re ready, click next to find the first clue provided to us by Tokyo Dreams…

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